Fullmoon Bowl


Fullmoon Bowl

Weight: 0.492gm

Diameter: 12.5/6cm

Sound: G

Code: g42


For knowledge, health, and communication.

This bowl plays a “G” note, corresponding with the Throat Chakra which is located in the middle of the throat. When this chakra is in balance we have a good sense of rhythm and timing, we speak clearly and trust our inner guidance, and we are able to express feelings and thoughts rationally.

When this chakra is out of balance we may experience a fear of speaking, shyness, a difficulty expressing one’s feelings, and a distrust of intuitive powers. You may also talk too much or too loudly, be unable to listen, and feel a need to appear strong at all costs. Physically, an imbalance may manifest as cold symptoms, stress, hyperactivity, allergies, or fatigue.

The note “G” that this bowl plays can help you express yourself more clearly and trust yourself more fully.


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