Etching and Carving Bowl


Etching and Carving Bowl

Weight: 2.406gm

Diameter: 27.7/12.8cm

Sound: A#

Code: K63


For intuition and right perception,

This singing bowl plays the “A” note, associated with the Third eye Chakra, and is located at the middle of two eyes brows. It is the place where we deal with perception and intuition. When this chakra is  in balance the energy it provides helps us get right perception and intuition. When the third eye chakra is open and properly functioning we are in right perception and intuition, , able to see clearly , and we feel at peace with ourselves.

When out of balance we may feel blindness, have poor sense of intuition and a lack of motivation, feel headache physically, and feel sense of blindness. On the other hand, we may experience blindness and such as giving in to our sense of intuition  and knowledge , becoming motivated , throwing stress, and needing to have the last word. Physically, an imbalance in this area may manifest as head each, eyes problems, insomnia , sleeping problems, or, lack of sleep, mid-head pain, The sound therapy of the note “E” provided by this bowl can help you focus your ambition to the point where you can make your dreams come true


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