Etching and Carving Bowl


Etching and Carving Bowl

Weight: 2.026gm

Diameter: 26/10.5cm

Sound: B

Code: f80


Included: cushion, wooden striker, rubber striker, information sheet

For beauty, creativity, and inspiration.

This healing bowl plays a “B” note which is associated with the Crown Chakra located on the crown of the head. The Crown Chakra is the direct communication with the spirit, helping us with understanding. When in balance we are intelligent, thoughtful and aware, open-minded, wise, are able to perceive, analyze, and assimilate information, and have a sense of spiritual connection.

When out of balance we may feel uncertain, lack purpose, fear death, have difficulty learning, and experience spiritual cynicism. We may also be confused, experience spiritual addiction, and dissociate from the body. Physically, an imbalance may negatively affect the nervous system, contribute to poor short-term memory and coordination, make us feel tired and cause us to hallucinate, or contribute to a ringing in the ears and a dimming vision.

The note “B” can help us access divine inspiration and supports a cheerfulness and clarity of spirit.


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