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Basic Sound Healing Course for Beginners – 3days (15hr)

This course includes beginner steps and guidance where you can learn to play and synchronize the sound frequencies produce by the sets of singing bowls.

Intermediate Sound Healing course for Therapist – 4days (20hrs)

Intermediate sound healing therapy course includes lots of core detail about the sound frequencies produce by the singing bowls and the effects of those sound frequencies in our body and mind. All the guidance for courses will be provided by well experience teacher.

Master Course for Teacher – 5days (25hrs)

This is the advance course for sound healing Teacher. In this course you will learn every guidance to became a sound healing teacher.

Advance Course for sound Healing Therapy 7days (35hrs)

Advance sound healing courses includes core guidance for the sound healing. In this course you will learn about ancient sound healing technics as well as modern sound healing technics to synchronization sound wave and brain wave to improve our mental and physical health. Here are the sessions listed below: Introduction of singing bowls History of […]

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