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We are a hand made singing bowl based shop and sound healing center in patan lalitpur Nepal, right across from the Golden Temple. All of our bowls are hand-hammered hand made and specifically chosen by our experts , for their tune,frequency, vibration, art,sound, and quality for seven chakras sets, therapy bowls,full moon bowls,sound bath sets and new moon bowls,The pictures of singing bowls that you see in the shop are not just representative of a ordinary bowls but the bowls that are really good for uses for relaxation, chakra healing, meditation, yoga ,Shamanism, sound healing, sound therapy,reiki,sound bath session, sound meditation and self healing practice, you will receive these bowls and information about uses of these bowls with your purchase, When you buy from us.where we can offer retail and whole sale price of all kinds of singing bowls for you.you can get help anytime from us when ever you want,once you are connected with us,you can even get other services from us as like we also offer sound healing and sound therapy session, reiki healing sessions,yoga sessions, meditation classes, massage and spa services, and we offer also sound healing courses basic and advanced, yoga teacher training, massage training, reiki healing training, meditation course, as well.visit at our centers at any place thamel Kathmandu Nepal or patan lalitpur Nepal or search us with the name of our center in google osho ashiyana,dynamic singing bowls or golden temple singing bowls or you can email us on goldentemplesingingbowls@gmail.com. or whats app at +9779843095682 | thank you for your love and support | Love and hugs. Swami Chaitanya Krishna sound Healer at Golden Temple Singing Bowls and Healing Centre Thanks !!!


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Golden Temple Singing bowl special Therapy and Course!

Master Course for Teacher – 5days (25hrs)

This is the advance course for sound healing Teacher. In this course you will learn every guidance to become a sound healing teacher. Here are the sessions listed below: Advance session of “Mandala of Chakra” Advance session of “Secret Master mantra” Advance session “Energy Protection line” Advance session “ Cleaning” Advance session “ Energizing” Advance […]

Advance Course for sound Healing Therapy 7days (35hrs)

Advance sound healing courses includes core guidance for the sound healing. In this course you will learn about ancient sound healing technics as well as modern sound healing technics to synchronization sound wave and brain wave to improve our mental and physical health. Here are the sessions listed below: Introduction of singing bowls History of […]

Intermediate Sound Healing course for Therapist – 4days (20hrs)

Intermediate sound healing therapy course includes lots of core detail about the sound frequencies produce by the singing bowls and the effects of those sound frequencies in our body and mind. All the guidance for courses will be provided by well experience teacher. Here are the subjects listed below: Introduction of singing bowls History of […]

Basic Sound Healing Course for Beginners – 3days (15hr)

 This course includes beginner steps and guidance where you can learn to play and synchronize the sound frequencies produce by the sets of singing bowls. Here are the sessions listed below: Introduction of singing bowls History of singing bowls and sound healing therapy Basic guidance to categorize singing bowls like chakras, mantras etc. Practical learning […]

Meet Our Team
Swami Chaitanya Krishna
Sound Healing Teacher and Founder
Kalpana Dulal
Sound Healing Teacher and Therapist
Sound Healing Teacher and Therapist
Puja Shrestha
Office Manager

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Golden Temple Singing Bowls and Healing Center

Kwalkhu-16, Lalitpur Nepal (in fronte of Golden Temple)

Contact: +9779843095682

Email: goldentemplesingingbowls@gmail.com

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